1992, The Beginning

I still remember the election of 1992.  It was a rarity in American politics as we had a competitive 3-way race for the presidency.  And after all, why wouldn’t I have been following the election closely – just as any good citizen should?  That is, any other American boy who had just turned 10.

(Among my more vivid memories, I remember the frustration I felt with the parents of one my soccer teammates who had the audacity to spend their vote on Ross Perot even if it meant a more likely victory for our mutual opponent, Bill Clinton.  Perhaps this event in my formative years helps explain my lifelong aversion to voting for a minor party, even if I do believe they have a useful roll to play.)

What would prompt such strange behavior in a 10 year old boy?  I don’t know.  But I do know that the sphere of politics and government has always held my attention like few other topics.  More specifically, as a Christian, I’ve always been intrigued with the relationship between my Christian faith and our civil government.  How does our faith and the Bible relate to politics, to government, and to our role as Christians in this Constitutional Republic?

These are the questions I want to explore on these pages.

– Jeremy

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