Daily Picks – Nov. 5

Praying for America – Mohler

May God grant us mercy and grace as we seek to fulfill our responsibilities as citizens — and our responsibilities as Christians.  This world is not our home, but we do bear responsibilities as followers of Christ as we are living here.

May God bless America, not because this nation deserves to be blessed, but because He is a God of grace and mercy.  Oh God . . . save us from ourselves.

Reminder: Obamacare Funds Abortion – Here is a good explanation

Romney winning independents by 24 points?

According to a new CNN poll, Romney is beating President Obama 59 percent to 35 percent among independents even when third party candidates are included. The poll has the race deadlocked at 49 percent, but the sample includes 11 percent more Democrats than Republicans, 41 percent to 30 percent, a bigger gap than recent elections have witnessed.

Marketing Dynamics of Apathy

The goal of political marketers isn’t to get you to vote. Their goal is to get more votes than the other guy. So they obsess about pleasing those that vote. Everyone else is invisible.

Steakhouses do nothing to please vegetarians who don’t visit them, and politicians and their handlers don’t care at all about non-voters.

The magic of voting is that by opting in to the system, you magically begin to count.


Daily Picks – Nov. 2


Mormonism is not a “Sociological Cult” – Baptist Press

Land is right to point out the difference. He did not deny that Mormonism is theologically a cult, but he did imply a difference between a “theological cult” and a “sociological cult.” That’s a helpful distinction that, current discussions aside, is the view taught at almost all SBC seminaries.

The Silent Political Ad – TWS

October 29 Report on Iran’s Nuclear Program from AEI

Iran has the infrastructure and material to produce weapons-grade uranium. It has enough enriched uranium to produce fuel for five nuclear weapons after conversion to weapons-grade. Its expanding enrichment activities have significantly reduced the time required for it to produce weapons-grade uranium. The key accelerants for this shrinking timeline have been its growing stockpiles of low- and medium-enriched uranium, which is 90% of the way to weapons-grade, and an increasing number of centrifuges enriching.


HT – Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard

Daily Picks – Oct. 29

A few picks from the past couple days…

Men don’t Mother – Public Discourse

Arguments for the non-essential father may reflect an effort to accept the reality that many children today grow up without their dads. But surely a more effective and compassionate approach would be to acknowledge the unique contributions of both mothers and fathers in their children’s lives, and then do what we can to ensure that becomes a reality for more children.

The Only Two Polls That Matter – National Review

But of all the polls that have been released, there are two polls that will have Team Obama waking up in a cold sweat, knowing that if these polls are even somewhat accurate, they might be on the other end of a dramatic victory on Election Day: The party-affiliation polls from Gallup and Rasmussen.

Parenting Opportunities in the Election

It’s presidential election time, a singular opportunity for Christian parents to teach their children important lessons about how we relate to our leaders, and how our leaders relate to God. Our reaction to the election returns will speak volumes to our children about our understanding of submission and sovereignty. Have you thought about what your words and actions will teach your child when the votes have been counted?

– Jeremy

Daily Picks – Oct. 27

From the past couple days:

Poll worker asks Obama for ID.

Are newspaper endorsements influential or predictive?

Liberal media points out the double standard of believing abortion in cases of rape and incest is permissible.

…and they point it out again.

Money advantage in the home stretch goes to Romney


Daily Picks – Oct. 25

3 links for today…

All the Current Polls – RCP

A Diminished Office – White House Dossier

No Liberal Bias Here – DesMoine Register

– Jeremy


The Romans 1 Party Platform

If you haven’t seen these already, every Christian should take a the time to listen to these two recent sermons by Pastor John MacArthur.  MacArthur provides not only a clear critique of the moral direction of our country, but is also an example to us of proclaiming the truth in love without trying picking a political fight.

This is also a good example of not allowing ceding “biblical issues” to the world as “political issues.” If the Bible speaks to something, it’s a biblical issue.


Part 1


Part 2

Daily Picks – Oct. 19

4 links that are worth your time…

Nobel Prize highlights stem cell research without need for embryos

The Rise of Childless Americans

Really?  Romney is seen more favorable than Obama

Ann would be first pro-life First Lady since Roe v Wade

– Jeremy

Daily Picks – Oct. 18

5 links that are worth your time…

Opinion – I am going to vote.  (John Piper)

Contrary to popular wisdom – 77% chance of Romney winning the popular vote.  (Univ. of Colorado)

Just the facts – Compare the platforms, excerpts.  (Wallbuilders)

Media Check – Candy interjects herself in debate for Obama.  Later says Romney was “right in the main”.  (Free Beacon)

Perspective – Immigrant compares USA direction to Eastern Europe.