Daily Picks – Oct. 29

A few picks from the past couple days…

Men don’t Mother – Public Discourse

Arguments for the non-essential father may reflect an effort to accept the reality that many children today grow up without their dads. But surely a more effective and compassionate approach would be to acknowledge the unique contributions of both mothers and fathers in their children’s lives, and then do what we can to ensure that becomes a reality for more children.

The Only Two Polls That Matter – National Review

But of all the polls that have been released, there are two polls that will have Team Obama waking up in a cold sweat, knowing that if these polls are even somewhat accurate, they might be on the other end of a dramatic victory on Election Day: The party-affiliation polls from Gallup and Rasmussen.

Parenting Opportunities in the Election

It’s presidential election time, a singular opportunity for Christian parents to teach their children important lessons about how we relate to our leaders, and how our leaders relate to God. Our reaction to the election returns will speak volumes to our children about our understanding of submission and sovereignty. Have you thought about what your words and actions will teach your child when the votes have been counted?

– Jeremy

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