Decision 2012 – Our Next President

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As this year’s election draws near we are again faced with an important choice.  I could argue for why it’s the most important choice of our lifetime, but that would be cliche at this point.  Whether this is just another election, or the most important of all time is frankly of little relevance.  The reality is that we have a duty to vote, and furthermore, we have a duty to be informed and vote wisely.

I fully realize that passions run high in such a discussion, and I respect those who have carefully considered the facts and come to a different conclusion than I have.  In fact, I would add that our vote is a matter of conscience, and we have a duty not to violate our conscience. (Rom. 14:5, 23)

I also realize that many people feel like we’re again faced with the option of picking between the “lesser of two evils” in terms of the two major party candidates.

Having said that, I would still encourage you to vote for Mitt Romney for President.  I am fully aware of the arguments both for and against Christians voting for Romney – if there is a point or a counter point to be made on this topic, I’ve probably heard it.  My goal here is to sort through some of the main issues that seem to come up repeatedly in Christian circles as we seek God’s wisdom in this decision.

Mitt Romney – Used by Permission through Creative Commons license – Click image for full credit

Let me also briefly state what my goals are not.  My intent today is not to compare the two major party candidates.  Likewise, my point here is not to sway my libertarian-minded friends considering a vote for Gary Johnson.  I’ll try to take up the Democrat vs. Republican and Republican vs. Libertarian comparisons another time.

My intent is address the following questions individually in three separate posts:

First, the elephant in the room (pun may be intended) for many evangelicals is should a Christian should vote for a Mormon candidate?  More broadly phrased, to what extent should the religion of a candidate be considered when deciding how to vote?

Second, should a Christian vote for a candidate who is less than 100% pro-life?  Can we vote for a candidate whose principles don’t perfectly align with the Bible without compromising those principles ourselves?

Third, is voting for a third party candidate a viable alternative?  Often, there are minor party candidates (or write-in candidates) who may more closely match our ideology than that of the two major parties.  How should these candidates factor into our decision?

There is much that hangs in the balance this election, and there is no perfect candidate.  But that only make our need for wisdom that much more critical.  Let me implore you to make wise use of your vote this November.

– Jeremy

P.S.  As always, I welcome your comments on this and the three posts to follow.  If you’re like me though, you might want to read this post before responding.  (And I’ll do likewise before I respond to your comments :)


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