Election Results

The following are all my favorite links for tracking the election results tonight.  Election night is the one day every two years that I appreciate the work of the New York Times – I have numerous links to their site below.  Now that you’ve voted, watch the results come in, and party like it’s 1980!


NYT Presidential Big Board

US Senate

NYT Senate Big Board

US House

NYT House Big Board


Note that regarding the presidential race  – the results on this page are for Colorado ONLY.  Also, you may find it useful to change the “display” number to “20” or “all”.

Secretary of State Results

El Paso County

Note that even though some races of these races are statewide or national – the results here are for El Paso County ONLY.

Clerk and Recorder Results

Btw, if anyone is aware of a good site for tracking tonight’s results in the Colorado Legislature, leave it in the comments.  The Secretary of State has the results, but not a good way to track party control.

– Jeremy

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